My experience with ESP-IDF with its VScode extension Espressif IDF in ubuntu 20.04

When I upgraded to ubuntu 20.04, I had many problems with ESP-IDF. I use it with its VScode extension Espressif IDF (click here to get it).

The main problem (for me) is Python. Ubuntu 20.04 doesn't support python 2, and when the installer returns the error, I have seen that the path of .espressif like that: 


you can see that .espressif use python 2, so I installed python2, and in the beginning of the installing of Espressif IDF extension I called python 2, not python (I don't change the default python from python 3 because I think that other software can think that python 3 is the default in ubuntu 20.04 and that can make problem!!).  

after this change the extension work perfect with the ubuntu 20.04. 

Espressif IDF official extension for VScode from Espressif Systems

you can meet with other problems like "permission denied:'dev/ttyUSB0' ", and you can fix it by:

sudo chmod a+rw /dev/ttyUSB0

Don't forget to flow the guides from the original websites:
- set up the software development environment (click here
- ESP-IDF visual studio code extension (click here

If you have other problems, write a comment below and I will try to help you 💓

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