Don't be afraid from the challenges of the life

Today, in the way to a new challenge in my life, I had very big stress about it, I think about the stress, and I have asked myself, "Why do I worry about the result of this challenge, what does it change in the result of the challenge? I had worked to the edge of my possibilities and if somethings should happen it will happen!, the stress can't change nothing".

After a few minutes, I have told to myself " The stress is a tool that changes me if I didn't worry about the result of the past challenges maybe I didn't win it! so the stress isn't a problem! it's a tool to be strong and more knowledgeable and happy! I need to worry it's my future life".

I have remembered all the people that live with me in the past and didn't worry about their lives, I think that makes you live without goals because if you don't make goals you don't worry about the results, I know that a big part of the life challenges can't control it or know the result with perfect predications but when we worry and take care about the results maybe we will have a big effect to the results. 

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